18-year-old Washington woman whose sister died from train crash at same age disappears

2 months ago

Maple Valley news, Washington news.

A Maple Valley teen remains missing after a week of disappearance and her parents are traumatized of the idea something bad could have happened to her after losing her 18-year-old sister to a tragic train crash three years ago.

Gia Fuda, 18, was last seen on surveillance images released by the King County Sheriff’s Office last Friday. Her brother said she was carrying several bags and didn’t tell him where she was going when she got into her Toyota Corolla that was later found abandoned.

Investigators said that Fuda’s purse and red jacket were in the car: “It’s like it’s not even happening,” her distraught mom said. “How could this happen to our daughter. We’ve already dealt with something like this. It’s like deja-vu for us. She had just turned 18, also,” she added referring to the missing’s sister.