California boy, 4, dead after ingesting controlled drugs at stepdad’s home

2 months ago

St. Mary news, California news.

A California tot was pronounced dead hours after ingesting a controlled substance he got into at his mom and stepdad’s home on July 23.

4-year-old Logan Pittman was unresponsive when he was rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center a day after he ingested methadone: “Deputies learned that the child had ingested a controlled substance prior to being taken to the hospital,” Sheriff’s John McMahon said.

The boy’s grieving grandmother said that the boy’s biological father fought to earn custody of the child but failed: “We weren’t even allowed a judge, we kind of gave up on the system, and now we’re feeling we should have pressed and pressed.”

Logan’s stepfather, Anthony Williams, was released on bond. His mom wasn’t charged in the case.