Georgia teen, 18, died while skydiving when parachute didn’t work as family watched

29 days ago

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A horrific skydiving experience has cost the lives of a Georgia teen and her instructor when their parachutes didn’t deploy, authorities said.

Jeanna Triplicata, 18, wanted at all costs to try the skydiving experience before the beginning of her freshman year at North Georgia University: “Jeanna wasn’t scared a bit,” her father said. “She had wanted to do this, for whatever reason.”

Her dream came true on Sunday when she went with her family to Skydive Atlanta. But once she jumped with her coach, their parachutes began spinning, uncontrollable.

“Upon exiting the aircraft, the primary parachute failed to open properly and went into a spin,” Sheriff Dan Kilgore said. “The emergency parachute did not deploy until extremely low altitude and did not fully open.”

Both Triplicata and her coach, 35, died in the crash.