Revered war vet deployed in Afghanistan, nicknamed ‘Captain America’, kills self in front of wife

23 days ago

Alexandria news, Virginia news.

A 34-year-old decorated soldier who served in a dozen war tours most of them in Afghanistan has killed himself Monday at home in front of a terrified wife.

The last thing Green Beret Andrew Christian Marckesano did was having dinner with his commander. Authorities didn’t disclose details of his suicide, aside from the fact that his wife witnessed it. He left behind three children.

Marckesano was revered by fellow soldiers; He was deployed since 2009 in Afghanistan, at a danger zone called “the worst on earth” and served there for years. Known as “Captain America,” he received a Silver Star for bravery and worked for the Pentagon.

The combat veteran’s suicide is the 30th from his battalion. Disturbing statistics showed that every day, 20 veterans commit suicide due to post-traumatic stress.