One-year-old girl died from hyperthermia, cocaine toxicity when left in closet at 94 degrees

23 days ago

Gastonia news, North Carolina news.

A 14-month-old girl has passed away on Aug. 13 last year and now her mother is in real trouble facing manslaughter charges in connection with her death.

Ava Elizabeth Threatt died after sleeping inside a closet on that summer day when heat temperatures reached 94 degrees. The responding officers discovered the unresponsive child on her left side, with a soiled diaper and a 102.4 temperature. She died shortly after being hospitalized.

Autopsy results listed her cause of death as cocaine toxicity and heat exposure, and authorities charged her 23-year-old mom Emoni Monique Burnett with manslaughter.

Investigators believe the toddler inhale the smoke coming from someone using crack cocaine next to her. She and her mom were staying at her boyfriend’s home when she died.