Cop charged with manslaughter of fellow officer by shooting through door after evidence contradicted his claims

24 days ago

Alexander news, Arkansas news.

Arkansas authorities have ultimately decided to criminally prosecute a 33-year-old officer after evidence contradicted his claims that he accidentally shot dead his colleague through his front door.

Nicholas Salyers said that he inadvertently fired his gun on June 3 when Officer Scott Hutton knocked at his door to pick up a patrol car. The suspect explained that the weapon discharged as he handled it between his hands after spotting an armed figure that he couldn’t identify through a peephole.

Salyers was charged with manslaughter after a thorough investigation showed “evidence of close contact”:

“The bullet hole appeared to have contact residue, which indicated the weapon was pressed against the door when fired. Powder burns and a C-Shape ring of residue were left around the hole.”