After being released over COVID-19 concerns; D.C. Man fatally shoots boy at July 4th cook-out

25 days ago

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A Washington D.C. man has been brought back to cell after he fatally shot an 11-year-old boy dead at July 4th cook-out, authorities said.

Christian Wingfield, 22, was released three months ago over coronavirus fears despite felony charges of weapon possession. On July fourth, he opened fire at a family cook-out attended by at least 20 children, hitting Davon McNeal’s head.

“He was just getting out of a car to go get a charger to charge his phone while he was going to a cookout,” McNeal’s grandfather said. “And when he stepped out the car, shots rang and he fell to the ground. The mother thought that he was ducking to not get hit and came to find out he had got shot.”

Wingfield and another suspect were arrested on connection with the tragic incident while the search continues for three others