Authorities: Robert Fuller died by suicide, hanging himself from a tree with rope he purchased

25 days ago

Palmdale news, California news.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that Robert Fuller who was found hanging from a tree a month ago has actually committed suicide.

A thorough investigation revealed that on June 10, Fuller tied a rope he purchased with an EBI card to tree branches and was not “hoisted into the position.” He had no defensive wounds observed and no other signs of trauma visible” to investigators were spotted at the scene.

Fuller had a history of mental illness: In 2017, he had been hospitalized for auditory hallucinations, and more than once he told doctors he was considering suicide, claiming that he “had a plan to kill himself” in November, and trying to set himself on fire last February.

The black man’s death sparked outrage among Palmdale communities suspecting foul play in the incident.