Seoul Mayor found dead after reported missing

26 days ago

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The mayor of South Korea's capital, Seoul, was discovered dead early morning Friday nearby time, a rescue crew part announced.

Mayor Park Won before long was accounted for missing Thursday by his daughter, as per authorities.

The rescue crew member, Shin Joon-Yong, said the group went into Waryong Park, in Seoul, with five rescue hounds. Shin said he detected a pack and water bottle not a long way from a climbing track, and afterward, his accomplice's sniffer dog found the civic chairman's body.

He was wearing what had all the earmarks of being climbing garments at the time he was found, as indicated by Shin.

Police had been utilizing automatons and sniffer fogs over the city to find him.

His daughter told police his telephone had been turned off. She additionally said he gave her a "will-like" message before leaving home, however didn't detail what the message was. Police later found a self-destruction note at his living arrangement.

Authorities have not yet remarked on the conditions of his demise.

The Seoul-based SBS TV station announced that one of Park's secretaries had recorded an objection with police Wednesday over supposed inappropriate behavior, including undesirable physical contact that started in 2017, the AP revealed. The SBS report guaranteed the secretary told police agents that other female workers at Seoul City Hall had endured comparative claimed lewd behavior by Park, yet the report didn't refer to any sources, as indicated by the AP.