Mom charged with daughter’s murder after claiming toddler brother, 2, fatally shot her

26 days ago

Knoxville news, Tennessee news.

A Tennessee mother was arrested Wednesday for criminal charges including murder, aggravated child neglect, and making a false report in connection with the fatal shooting of her 5-year-old daughter last year.

Deputies found Destiny bleeding from gunshot wounds at her Knoxville family house in 2019. She was declared dead at a local hospital.

Her 37-year-old mother, Robin Howington, gave police different stories regarding her daughter’s death after police found a gun hidden in a bush not far from the home where the child was shot. She initially claimed a stranger has shot the girl before saying that Destiny’s brother, 2, has accidentally shot her then finally accusing the girl’s father of killing her.

Howington was booked after evidence and video footage linked her to the child’s murder.