Colorado man shot twice in heart by Park Ranger for fast-driving: 'It's a citation, not a death sentence'

27 days ago

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Family of a 25-year-old Colorado man is seeking justice in his murder at the hands of a park ranger who shot him twice, blasting his heart for fast driving on March 21.

Charles Lorentz was traveling from Texas where he worked to Colorado to visit his family on that fateful day when he was pulled over by Ranger Robert Mitchell for high-speed.

Although Lorentz compelled with commands, the ranger was furious over the young man's nonchalant behavior. He handcuffed him before fatally shooting him.

The incident was caught on bodycam footage that had nearly 20 seconds missing, the seconds that it took to murder Lorentz.

"The ranger is insane, he's put off his mind," the family lawyer said. "For driving too fast on a country road, and he takes his life over that? it's a citation, not a death sentence."