Volunteer firefighter dies after tragic car crash in Christmas morning

one year ago

A New Jersey volunteer firefighter died on Christmas morning while responding to an emergency call after a car crash into the guardrail.

Natalie Dempsey, 21, was the Vice-President of the Mizpah Volunteer Fire Company 18-2, and had just passed the Firefighter 1 certification.

She was responding to a fire just after 6 a.m. driving her 2001 Honda Accord when she reportedly lost control and drove off the road through a guardrail. She was later found by her own company who stopped to assist police at the crash scene as they returned from the fire to which Dempsey was responding.

Dempsey had also attended the police academy over the summer. The Mays Landing Fire Department recalled her as someone "always smiling" and shared photos of her with a huge smile in full uniform and gear.