Mom kills toddler by heroin overdose she gave him to treat flu

1 month ago

Pensacola news, Florida news.

A Florida mom has been arrested after she allegedly gave her toddler a huge amount of heroin to treat his flu and ear infection, police said.

Rosemary Freeney called 911 on April 17 to report an unresponsive child at a Fairfield Village apartment. Once there, officers recovered a plastic bag containing a hard, rock-like substance later identified as heroin.

Freeney told officers that she treated her sleepy 2-year-old son who had a cough with Tylenol Cold and Flu and other prescribed medication but toxicology results revealed the boy died from “acute heroin toxicity.”

Freeney and the boy’s father denied having any knowledge of the drug found at their home, claiming it may belong to a family friend named “Chuck.”

Both parents were charged with aggravated manslaughter and drug possession.