Miami cop under fire after being caught kneeling on black woman’s neck and Tasering her twice

2 months ago

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A Miami police officer is in real trouble after he was caught put his knee on a black woman’s neck and hitting her with a Taser twice.

Jordy Yanes Martel from Miami Gardens Police Department has been fired and charged with battery and official misconduct in connection to the brutal apprehension of Safiya Satchell, 33, that occurred on January 14 outside a strip club.

A witness recorded the incident when Martel approaching the black woman’s SUV before dragging her out and tossing her to the ground. He then knelt on her knee and tasered her twice before arresting her on battery on a cop and resisting with violence.

“We felt strongly that what he wrote in his affidavit and report was completely made up,” Miami-Dade State Att. Said. “We’re not always fortunate to have this kind of evidence.”