Disabled father-of-five died of COVID-19 because doctors refused to treat him: ‘He has no quality of life’

2 months ago

Austin news, Texas news.

Texas Right to Life organization and family of a 46-year-old quadriplegic man are suing St David’s Hospital for not treating the disabled father deciding it would be better for him to die from COVID-19.

Michael Hickson was a father of five children. He became disabled following a cardiac arrest in 2017 and was placed at a nursing home where he contracted the deadly virus from a worker.

But when he was rushed to the hospital to treat his pneumonia, doctors told his wife Melissa that intubating him would be futile: “So as of right now, his quality of life, he doesn’t have much of one,” the doctor could be heard saying. “Will it improve his quality of life and then answer is no.”

Hickson was denied food and medication for six days before his passing on June 11.