Father beat toddler to death for playing with WiFi-box leaving him with blood-filled stomach and fractured skull

1 month ago

Frayser news, Tennessee news.

A violent father is being prosecuted for the Thursday morning death of his two-year-old son who was found dead from brutal injuries while in his custody.

35-year-old Antonio First inflicted horrific injuries to his son Brayton while his mom went to a hospital. The child sustained two skull fractures, ligature marks, and a blood-filled stomach.

The boy’s mom said that in 2019, First was arrested after cruelly beating Brayton before claiming he only had choked on some cookies. The boy then suffered a hemotoma underneath the scalp and a bruised forehead.

First told officers that Brayton became unresponsive after he slapped his face, hit his head against the wall. He was charged with murder in the first degree, aggravated child abuse, and child neglect.