Oklahoma journalist who attended Tulsa rally last week tests positive for coronavirus

2 months ago

Tulsa news, Oklahoma news.

On Friday, an Oklahoma reporter said he tested positive for the deadly virus almost a week after covering President Trump’s rally that took place despite fears over the COVID-19 spread.

In a tweet, Paul Monies wrote: “Friends, I tested positive for Covid-19. I’m pretty surprised. I have zero symptoms and I feel fine. I spent the last few hours calling people I know I’ve been in contact with in the last 14 days. Be safe out there.”

The journalist has not confirmed if he got infected while attending the Tulsa rally on June 20. Otherwise, he felt responsible to notify relatives and close friends who could have been in close contact with him while he was infected.

Nearly 12,300 Oklahoma residents tested positive for the virus and more than 400 others lost their lives from it as of June 26.