Woman busted while distributing racist letters to Asian Americans, asking them to leave

4 month ago

San Leandro news, California news.

On Saturday, police arrested a 52-year-old woman who left several notes on Asian American’s properties and backyards urging them to leave the country, news outlets reports.

The arrest of Nancy Arechiga occurred after she was caught on surveillance footage leaving a handwritten letter at the house of a foreign-born resident in San Leandro. At the time, she was carrying a backpack containing other racist notes in which she said: “You, because we consider you’re a stranger, one bad person for this country, leave, go far away, go back to your country. You have until the day May 23, 2020, Saturday at 10:30 a.m. to leave this country place no Asian allowed. My country USA.”

The incident sent shock among the residents of San Leandro who were described by police as very welcoming and beautiful people.