Car wash employee finds stimulus check in garbage; tracks down recipient who was needing it

2 months ago

Greenville news, North Carolina news.

A lucky North Carolina man is grateful to the family of a car wash employee who brought his stimulus check back to him after finding it tossed in the trash.

Antonio Hernandez spotted the $1,200 stimulus check in the garbage at his workplace and charged his 20-year-old daughter with returning it to the rightful recipient.

Michelle Alvarado went to the address and left her phone number only to get a call from the new tenant of the home where the recipient, Charles Thompson, lived.

After searching on social media, Alvarado met Thompson’s girlfriend and gave the check to its owner as her father asked: “We were so happy and Charles was so grateful.”

The man was so happy calling it a “miracle” that he received the much-needed money despite all the obstacles.