One month later: Grieving mom of murdered woman takes own life

8 month ago

Roanoke news, Virginia news.

Investigators are still looking into the murder of a 33-year-old mother found in woods but her grieving mom was so unable to bear the loss that she took her own life.

The family of Cassandra Pizzi who died last March is now mourning the loss of her 53-year-old mom Patricia Jefferson who committed suicide on May 1: “She committed suicide over the loss of her daughter,” a relative said.

The two women’s loved ones believe that the coronavirus pandemic delayed authorities’ efforts and are asking police to make an arrest in the slaying of Pizzi who was found with blood covering her head and face.

Surveillance video showed two people walking near the area where Pizzi’s remains were found. Anyone with information is urged to call Roanoke police at (540) 344-8500.