Lucky boy, 6, catches ‘stolen safe’ with jewelry and credit cards while magnet-fishing

8 month ago

South Carolina news.

A South Carolina boy was “magnet fishing” in a nearby lake when he pulled out a safe, family members said this week.

The 6-year-old boy, identified as Knox Brewer, was “magnet fishing” when he caught a locked safe that was reportedly stolen from an area resident nearly eight years ago. A bystander helped the boy reel out his heavy finding.

Inside, there was jewelry, credits cards, and a checkbook: “I knew the right thing to do was go ahead and call the local authorities, get them involved and try to solve this mystery,” Jonathan Brewer, the boy’s father said.

When returned to its owner, police learned that valuable things were missing from the lockbox. Still, the owner hugged Knox and thanked him for bringing back her old bracelet.