Ex-Texas Lt. governor won’t file charges against girlfriend who broke his ribs during domestic assault

8 month ago

Houston news, Texas news.

David Dewhurst, the former Texas Lt. Governor, told news outlets that he has no plans to file charged against his 40-year-old girlfriend of one year who had broken his ribs and assaulted him on May 13.

Leslie Caron was so frustrated by the 74-year-old who had not called a business partner that she kicked him in the ribs, fracturing two. Days later, she returned to the home and hit him with a pot, scratched, and bit him amid another argument.

Caron was arrested on committing injury to the elderly charges but Dewhurst said he is “not interested” in filing any charges against her: “She’s a remarkable woman with many fine attributes. I wish her all the best in life.”

The final word in the case will be to prosecutors. Caron is being jailed on a $10,000 bond and had been issued a restraining order.