Man killed ill neighbor by gouging his eyes ‘Lucifer style’ over loud rooster

8 month ago

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A West Virginia man had been so disappointed with his cancer-patient neighbor's rooster that he went to his home, gouged his eyes, and waited there until he died.

47-year-old Richard Wayne Ellison has been charged with second-degree murder after a gruesome incident that occurred last Sunday when he attacked his elderly, cancer-patient neighbor to complain about his noisy, loud rooster.

72-year-old Benny Foutch was found dead “with blood coming from his orbital sockets.” Ellison admitted to the slaying of Foutch and his rooster, claiming that “Lucifer made him do it.” He told investigators that he “pressed his thumbs into Benny’s eyes and stayed there until he knew Benny was dead.”

Ellison was booked on a cash-only bond set at $200,000.