3 adults arrested following the discovery of 2 Georgia teens in their backyard .

one year ago

Two teenagers were found deceased and another child with disabilities is in the hospital for observation. South Georgia father, stepmother, and grandmother were arrested Thursday after the bodies were found buried at their Effingham County home.

14-year-old Mary Crocker was missing and feared dead. She had not been seen in weeks. Deputies questioned her biological father, 49-year-old Elwyn Crocker, her step-mother, 33-year-old Candice Crocker, and her step-grandmother, 50-year-old Kim Wright, who said Mary had gone to live with her mother in South Carolina.

investigators started digging the property. They uncovered what they believe to be the girl’s body, along with the body of a boy. McDuffie said preliminary information indicated the boy was Mary’s brother, Elwyn Crocker Jr., who was 14 when he was last seen in November 2016.

Deputies said no one ever filed a missing person report for either child. According to the release, an autopsy will officially determine their identities.

Investigators said they another child was found at the house and taken to a local hospital.

all three adults have been primary charged with concealing the death of another and cruelty to children in the first degree -- and warned more charges could be coming.