Georgia community offers $20k for information leading to missing teen last seen in February

2 years ago

Watkinsville news, Georgia news.

The residents of Watkinsville, 70 miles northeast of Atlanta, are offering $20,000 for information that can help them locate a 17-year-old girl who had vanished for three months.

Julia Mann was last seen on February 20 walking out of her home. Police said that she had her laptop and cellphone on her when she vanished but both devices haven’t worked since.

“I mean it’s the worst thing in the world,” Julia’s mom said. “She means everything to us, and I can’t stand to think about life without her.”

Air and ground search operations had been conducted since Mann’s disappearance, but except a footstep detected outside her home, nothing came up with a result: “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to find my child,” Sheriff Scott Berry said. “And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to find Julia Mann.”