Anti-bullying organization honored boy who changed his name from Trump .

one year ago

An 11-year-old boy was honored by an anti-bullying organization for having the courage to change his last name which involved him into a series of bullying incidents, the boy's name was nothing more than our beloved president Donald Trump.

Joshua Berto changed his name after enduring two years of bullying.

a Philadelphia-based nonprofit Teach Anti Bullying honored Joshua Berto with the National Anti Bullying Medal of Courage on Saturday for "his bravery to stand tall to bullying in his school community," according to a press release. He is the 48th recipient of the award.

"This little boy has been victim to relentless bullying simply over his last name that is associated with our 45th President of the United States," the organization wrote on Facebook after the ceremony, adding "Glad we [could] bring a smile back to his wonderful face."

The bullying started two years ago while Joshua was enrolled at Claymont Elementary School, even before Trump took office.

Megan Trump, the boy's mother said that her son's colleges called him stupid and idiot.

His father, Bobby Berto, then pulled him out of school and homeschooled him for a year.

when the bullying got so bad the school district agreed to change Joshua's name in the system when he began at Talley Middle School in the fall.

the boy would formally adopt his father's last name rather than his mother's.

students who participated in the bullying have apologized to him.