US citizens refuse repatriation claiming that Beirut is safer

1 month ago

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In Beirut, several US citizens decided that staying in Beirut during the coronavirus crisis would be safer than returning to their motherland, the US.

As the US government announced that it would help its citizens to return to the US on a flight costing $2,500 per person, many of the people concerned publicly declined the offer via their Twitter accounts.

US citizens claimed that after reading the news, they concluded that the situation in the US is much worse when it comes to the number of cases, prevention measures, and how weighed down the health system is, while trying to face the crisis.

Most of the concerned citizens claimed that they don’t have health insurance in the US, which would require them to pay thousands of dollars in case they get sick.

As the first coronavirus case was reported in Lebanon on February 21st, the country was already afloat with crises.

Protests started against the Lebanese political elite last October, knocking over the government of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and excavating a political crisis.

As it was already under exponentially growing crisis, the Lebanese currency fell. During March, Beirut declared its first debt default.

Under the influence of activists and media, Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced that no chances will be taken with the virus, regardless of the toll any preventive measures can take on the agitated economy.