90-year-old woman who survived COVID-19: ‘If I did it, you can do it’

1 month ago

Jericho news, Vermont news.

A Vermont elderly woman who had won her battle with the coronavirus had a message to those who are extremely scared of the pandemic.

“If I did it, you can do it,” said the 90-year-old survivor of coronavirus, Anna Fortunato: “Keep on fighting, have that positive attitude, and pray.” And to those already infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, she advises: “Get out of bed. Don’t stay in bed all the time.”

Fortunato was named a “miracle” at the hospital where she has been treated for 13 days. She first thought she had the flu but when coughing and fever worsened, she asked to be hospitalized. Her daughter asked about bringing a priest to give her last rites, but doctors chose to administrate an anti-malaria drug, as a last attempt to save her. And it seems that it worked.