A candlelight vigil to support Indiana mother who saved so many lives by reporting her teenage armed son to police.

one year ago

Richmond's Community members attended a candlelight vigil Sunday night to support the mother who had reported to police that her 14-year-old son was heading to a school with a gun.

The mother called 911 Thursday to alert authorities "to the imminent danger," the Indiana State Police said. Her actions "likely prevented a lot of lost lives," police said.

the 14-year-old teen died at Dennis Intermediate School from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, He was not a student at the school but lived in the area.

police responded to the teen's mother warning and run a mandatory shutdown in the school where they confronted the teen who started a mass bullet exchange between him and police, turned the weapon on himself.

Dozens attended Sunday's vigil, where community members met with the boy's mother and prayed with her.

"She’s a human. She’s a mother. She lost her child," vigil organizer Shawn Wright told WTHR. "We wanted to bring her to let her know that she is supported too because at the end of the day she did a lot. She saved a lot of lives."

No students were hurt in the incident, the middle school remains closed on Monday