End-of-life coronavirus patient allowed saying farewell to family via FaceTime

2 months ago

Hershey news, Pennsylvania news.

An 84-year-old coronavirus patient had a rare chance to say goodbye to his family members while on his hospital bed before he died.

Cecil “Mac” Hargrove passed away on Friday after being positively tested for the novel virus. Medical staff told his family, and particularly his son, that insisting wouldn’t change the rule: Coronavirus patients are not allowed visits, even if agonizing.

“They were literally hearing nothing of it,” Blake Hargrove said. “It wasn’t that they were ugly, but there was no negotiation.”

With Blake insisting, the elder Hargrove was given an iPad he used to see his 11 grandchildren for the last time: “All of his grandchildren were able to tell him they loved him and he was able to tell them he loved them. That’s a blessing,” the grieving son said.