US soldier, infant killed by drunk boyfriend when he ‘blacked out’

2 months ago

Honolulu news, Hawaii news.

A Hawaii man has been apprehended hours after he fatally stabbed his girlfriend and their infant son at a Sun Rise apartment on Thursday.

Kendall Rashad Ramsey told police that he “blacked out” after spending the night drinking and did not realize what happened until discovering 23-year-old Kayla Holder and Kainoa Ramsey lifeless next to him.

Holder, a U.S. Army reservist, was talking to her mother hours before her death: “She said ‘What did you have for dinner? How are you doing? Everything is okay? What are your plans?’ And there was no indication.”

Ramsey crashed into a car as he fled the scene and caused him serious injuries. He faces additional charges of attempted second-degree murder in connection with the crash.