COVID-19 ‘hit young and old in family’ after they attended funeral; 17 are positively tested and one dead

2 months ago

Birmingham news, UK news.

British news outlets reported that a family of 17 people had been infected with COVID-19 when they gathered at the funeral of their great-aunt who had also died from the illness.

Since the funerals of 86-year-old Sheila Brooks who died on Feb. 9 from coronavirus, at least 17 family members who had gathered to mourn her loss were infected with the novel virus. Brooks’ niece, Susan Nelson, 65, had succumbed to the pandemic without even having underlying health conditions.

“It was my great aunt’s funeral so a lot of the wider family was there,” said Amanda, 34, who had also contracted the virus. “My 21-year-old cousin has it, right the way up to a great-uncle that-is 88 and is showing some symptoms. It’s a whole section of us; none of us seems to have been missed out of it just yet.”