Boy who was murdered by aunt, uncle and grandmother was pictured weeks ago with bruises covering his body

2 months ago

Harrison County news, West Virginia news.

He had been admitted to a local hospital with brain bleeding and other fatal injuries. His aunt said he fell down the steps: “He was coming down and the dog come down behind him and took wiped him out.”

But weeks before his March 20 death, Keaton Boggs had been pictured with apparent bruises covering his face and body. The boy had just lost his father in June and was taken in by his biological aunt, Chasity Wodzinski, 29, her husband, Peter, 32, and her mother, Michelle Boggs, 48. Now the three of them are facing criminal charges of murder by a parent, guardian or custodian and being held without bond.

Keaton died of various injuries to several parts of his body. The hospital staff contacted the police and asked them to investigate his death.