California police offer $100,000 reward to find toddler whose mom was found in shallow grave

5 month ago

San Francisco news, California news.

Authorities in California are offering $100,000 to anyone who has relevant information about the whereabouts of a missing toddler whose mom was found slain, in a shallow grave in 2016.

The mysterious case is still being thoroughly investigated since the finding of Nicole Fitts, 32, in a shallow grave in San Francisco’s McLaren Park, covered with a piece of plywood with a strange painted symbol on it.

Days before her mom’s disappearance, 2-year-old Arianna Fitts, was missing as well. Investigators questioned her babysitters and even considered one of them, Helena Martin, a suspect but without evidence: “She’s given them all the information she can,” her attorney said. “Now that they changed from her being a witness to a possible suspect, I’m not going to let her give any more statements.”