Connecticut doctor arrested after intentionally coughing at nurses, hugging them in midst of COVID-19 pandemic

2 months ago

Hartford news, Connecticut news.

Connecticut authorities have arrested and charged a doctor who was reportedly breaking the social distancing laws and coughing on fellow nurses.

48-year-old Dr. Cory Edgar has been charged with breach of the peace after he intentionally coughed on co-workers and hugged them defying the instruction related to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The witnesses and medical workers believed he was purposely disregarding space and safety concerns involving the coronavirus pandemic,” Stephanie Reitz, the UConn spokeswoman said. Another source claimed that the doctor was in excellent health and wasn’t infected with COVID-19: “We can also state that any UConn Health employee with an indication of illness is asked to stay home, all employees are screened for symptoms prior to entering the premises.”