Baby girl dies of malnutrition in heavily soiled diaper; Parents arrested

4 month ago

Fouke news, Arkansas news.

Arkansas police have busted a couple after the starvation death of one of their five children in September.

Crystal Morrow, 24, and Dustin Harley, 19, were charged with manslaughter and child endangerment following the death of their daughter Kimberly Harley, 7-month-old, who was found filthy, in a heavily soiled diaper with her ribs protruding and muscles wasting away.

The child was found visibly underweight, dehydrated and malnourished with her twin brother also in distress. The investigation revealed that the house was roach-infested and filthy.

Recently, the manslaughter charges filed against the parents have been upgraded to second-degree murder. Their other children were placed in foster care.