Louisiana teen slammed by officers blacked out, had cut on his face

one year ago

Two resigned Louisiana Police officers have been charged after they used excessive force while arresting a Middle School student on October 5, the events that went viral as a school surveillance footage emerged in November.

Former officers, Anthony "Kip" Dupre, and Dan Cipriano resigned after they were captured wrestling with the 14-year-old boy in an office and slamming to the ground. Shortly after, the two officers handcuffed the student and slammed him face first into the desk before escorting him out of the room.

Dupre and Cipriano were charged with malfeasance and simple battery in relation to the incident.

The student's attorney said that the victim lost a lot of blood, had swelling around his nose and eyes, a cut on his face and that he blacked out during the altercation.