Army soldier dies after being shot six times amid domestic violence incident

1 month ago

Fort Sill news, Oklahoma news.

A U.S. Army soldier had succumbed to her injuries after being shot six times by her boyfriend amid a dispute that turned bloody.

Angel Conner, 28, had just called her mom on Jan. 18 before she was fatally shot by a 23-year-old soldier identified as Richard Rasheed Smith: “She told me she was going to break it off,” the victim’s sister said. “He had too much drama for her.”

Smith told police that Conner pulled a knife on him amid the argument before he retrieved a gun and shot her repeatedly as she ran away: “The police told me that she was still able to talk,” Conner’s mom said. “She was able to say Smith did this to her.”

Smith was charged with first-degree murder and he has pleaded not guilty.