North Carolina couple arrested following beating death of 7-year-old girl

2 months ago

Charlotte news, North Carolina news.

A North Carolina couple has been busted after a 7-year-old girl had succumbed to her injuries in Florida in March 2018.

Janee Dickson, 26, and her boyfriend Brandon Williams have been arrested on aggravated manslaughter of a child charges after the death of Kamia Jean-Baptiste who had been physically abused: “An autopsy determined she had hemorrhaging of the soft tissue in her legs, back, and backside which were likely a result of physical abuse,” the Volusia County said in a news release.

The mother told investigators Kamia “was injured while playing on the slide at a playground,” while Williams said that Dickson had violently beaten her daughter to death. Dickson then changed her story to say that the child was killed by her boyfriend.