California police seeking people’s help in locating gang responsible for several shootings

2 months ago

San Bernardino news, California news.

San Bernardino police are seeking the people help in order to resolve several shooting deaths that took the lives of a middle school teacher, a toddler, and three other victims since last August.

According to police, the murders were all perpetrated by the same gang since it first targeted 24-year-old Nancy Magana last summer, 2-year-old Dekorro Page, 24-year-old Lemon Hamilton, Israel Delatorre, 24, and finally 33-year-old Daniel Melendrez on an. 19.

The victims were all approached by mysterious vehicles before being shot. According to police, some victims knew the assailants while many others didn’t: “It’s often it’s said that 90 percent of your crime is committed by 10 percent of your population. And I think that kind of fits what’s going on here,” Police Chief Eric McBride said.