Man who sold fatal fentanyl dose to 16-year-old sentenced

2 months ago

Annapolis news, Maryland news.

A Maryland judge has ordered a man accused of selling fatal fentanyl dose to a teenager to serve more than a dozen years behind bars.

On Thursday, Circuit Court Judge Donna Schaeffer sentenced 46-year-old Jason Patton Baker to 20 years with five years suspended and two years credited in addition to five years of supervised probation.

Last year, Baker was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, fentanyl distribution and reckless endangerment in connection with the Jan. 19, 2018 death of Josiah Klaes, 16-year-old, who bought a mortal dose of fentanyl from Baker. The pair had arranged more than 60 drug transactions, starting from marijuana and ending with fentanyl.

“You cannot sell a deadly poison to somebody and say ‘it’s his fault, he chose to do it,’” the judge said.