Woman hides meth, drug paraphernalia in baby’s diaper during traffic stop

4 month ago

Orlando news, Florida news.

Orlando police have arrested a woman who had tried to help her friend by hiding drugs in her baby’s diaper during a traffic stop.

Jessie Norton, 36, came to her friend’s help after learning that he was arrested for speeding just outside her home. There, the suspect, 44-year-old James Bayster handed her something she tried to hide in the diaper of a baby she was carrying.

Officers spotted the items Norton hid and discovered a straw and a baggie that both tested positive for meth. Norton confessed to the offense and added that she also knew her friend was driving with a suspended license.

Both Norton and Bayster were apprehended by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. Norton is facing child neglect and drug possession charges while Bayster was charged with driving without a license.