Police investigating car-crash site where bodies of young couple found shot dead

2 months ago

Halifax County news, Virginia news.

Virginia police are investigating after the discovery of two dead bodies in the site of a car crash in an isolated area of Halifax County.

Officers rushed to the scene where a car had crashed early Saturday to find the bodies of 18-year-old Ayanna Maertens Griffin and 21-year-old Ntombo Joel Bianda who appeared to have been “executed” in the rural stretch of Route 58, 10 miles away from the North Carolina border.

The silver Nissan Maxima belonging to Bianda was found hitting the highway’s median with the bodies next to it. “We are exploring multiple possibilities to include there being a second vehicle involved,” Capt. David O.Cooper II said. “It is so important for anyone who may have seen or heard something to reach out to state police.”