Man admits to stabbing grandfather dead, setting body on fire

4 month ago

Salt Lake City news, Utah news.

A Salt Lake City man has been arrested on Saturday and charged after he allegedly stabbed his grandfather dead then set his body on fire to hide evidence, police said.

Maxwell Wolcott, 28, was charged with murder, aggravated arson, aggravated burglary, abuse of a dead human body and obstruction of justice in connection with the brutal killing of his grandfather, 74-year-old John Peel.

Investigators couldn't initially determine the cause of Peel's death who was found burned at his house after neighbors reported the fire to the police.

Following Wolcott's arrest, he told investigators that he forced his way to the home and stabbed Peel several times. He left but later returned with a lighter fluid he used to set his grandfather's corpse ablaze.

The motive behind the murder remains unclear.