Man tortured 3-month-old baby to death as he babysat her

4 month ago

Farmington news, Oklahoma news.

An Oklahoma man has pleaded guilty to brutal slaying charges after he allegedly tortured a 3-month-old girl who died in 2017.

Reagan Levi Phifer took the plea deal and pleaded guilty for brutal slaying and killing of a newborn baby who died after sustaining severe brain injuries and cracked bones.

The incident occurred in July 2017 when Phifer, then 20-year-old, was babysitting the girl. Police discovered the infant unresponsive at a home on Kelsey Lane in Farmington. She died the following day at the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock.

At the time, Phifer managed to run away after a long chase. He was apprehended after ditching his car at a Dollar General and tried to get into another.