'I was tired of them': Unremorsful killer of grandmother, great-grandmother lived with bodies for a while

7 month ago

Montgomery County news, Texas news.

In a news conference, Lt. Scott Spencer said yesterday that the 22-year-old Philadelphia man who is accused of killing his grandmother and great-grandmother told investigators he did so because he was tired of them.

Jaryd Ramos was arrested Tuesday for the double homicide of Regina Gromley, 90, and Barbara Gromley, 59. Ramos has confessed to the crime and told authorities that he lived with their bodies for a while before deciding to move them outside. He then placed his great-grandmother's corpse in a trash can in the backyard while he tossed his grandmother's body behind an old church.

Ramos who strangled the two women to death in the early hours of a November morning was described as cooperative but not remorseful.