Texas police officer killed amid traffic stop: Suspect still at large

9 month ago

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Authorities in Houston, Texas are actively searching for the suspect who killed a 15-year veteran police officer amid a traffic stop on Tuesday night.

21-year-old Tavores Henderson has fled the crime scene and is believed to still have one handcuff attached to his wrist. He has allegedly hit 43-year-old Sgt. Kaila Sullivan outside an apartment complex as he sped off, trying to escape from other officers who were handcuffing him for an outstanding arrest warrant.

"She was a police officer at heart. She came to work every day, she enjoyed the job," Chief Tim Cromie said. "Her blood ran blue. She was a police officer's police officer."

Authorities intensified their search for the officer's alleged killer: "Turn yourself in. We will eventually catch up to you," Sgt. Dennis Wolfford said.