Suspect who called self 'angel of death' sentenced for killing homeless man

7 month ago

Thornton news, Colorado news.

A Colorado homeless man accused of killing a 47-year-old man in 2017 was ordered to serve 55 years behind bars on Friday.

Brandon Lee Sugg, 25, was convicted of beating Brian McGreevy to death with a baseball bat over a religion dispute. The victim was found in a pool of blood in a cinderblock dumpster enclosure behind a local shopping center. The enclosure was home to McGreevy, Sugg and Sugg's girlfriend.

"He struck Brian McGreevy with a baseball bat over and over again," DA Kristen Baker said. "Injuries consistent with blows from a bat were too numerous to quantify in the autopsy report. Blood from the beating flew, either off the victim's body or off the bat, onto every corner of the dumpster enclosure and halfway up the wall of the building nearby."