Family Who Lost their home in The California Wildfires Are Happily Reunited With Their Cat.

one year ago

The wildfires in Northern California have killed at least 85 people, burned 1,890,438 acres and destroyed more than 18,000 structures. But amidst the destruction, there are glimmers of joy as more and more families are reuniting with pets they thought were lost forever.

the Werblow family has been reunited with their cat after it stayed behind during the deadly wildfire last month that leveled their home in Northern California.

Courtney Werblow and her family returned to her parents' burned home in Paradise over the weekend and found their beloved cat, Timber, standing near the ruins.

the cat survived the deadly blazing fires and was waiting for the return of her owners.

the emotional encounter was just a glimpse of hope in the life of the victims of California's wildfire.