Intoxicated Florida man shot 7-year-old boy who was playing with toy Nerf gun.

7 month ago

Orlando news, Florida news.

A drunk Florida man allegedly shot a 7-year-old boy playing with a Nerf gun on Saturday night.

Anthony Knuth, 30, reportedly interrupted a group of children playing toy guns in a Sanford home, telling the kids he had a real gun with real bullets.

The victim's mother had left Knuth and the children in a room for about 10 minutes when she heard a loud noise and went inside, the report said.

The child was taken to a nearby hospital.

After the shooting, Knuth reportedly murmured that he was going to jail for shooting a child, the report said, citing the police.

Police believe that Knuth shot the child with a .22 caliber firearm.

He was charged with neglecting a child with serious bodily harm and using a firearm while under the influence.